Where are you at on your success with money journey? 

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You're wondering if there really is a fun place to learn about finances without feeling stressed out not knowing what to do with travel goals, buying a home, retirement planning, and just simply being smart with money… 

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Find the evidence that it is possible to go after your dream life AND get paid to do work you love. You can travel the world and align your values with the money choices you are making. 

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Money doesn't have to feel stressful anymore. You don't have to worry about if there is going to be enough for everything you want. Discover what habits and mindset are going to help you stay on track with your goals and feel at ease with money.


You are ready to travel the world and work remotely. You can't complain because you “have career success” but are ready for something more.

You want to feel alive again. You’re ready for your career escape route. 

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You want to feel inspired living life on purpose, without sacrificing income

You are ambitious and want to create a 6 figure income online. How though? How do you create an online income without feeling overwhelmed, burned out and exhausted? If it feels like this at your current income level, will it be worse at higher amounts of income? 

(That’s the secret. 😉 The more money you make the less you do. Seriously.) 

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You are ready to build your legacy of impact in the world. 

You are dedicated to your journey of making your mission a reality. You want location independence and you are ready to pursue all of what lights you up. You trust that your legacy will be built out in this next phase of your journey. 

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