Retreats 2x a year

Where spirituality and wealth meet your divine prosperity. Being abundant requires you to release the limiting beliefs holding you back and renew your mind in your authentic unlimited potential. You will play an active role in slowing down and observing every area of your life to eliminate the lack and scarcity. 

This is a game of loving yourself enough to let go and be abundant forever. 

Ready to play?


💎A life reset button to align you with your desires

💎Complete mindset overhaul with vision, money, body, whole person well-being

💎Unearth once and for all, what is at the root of holding you back from your life purpose

💎Support in manifesting your wildest dreams

💎 6-night experience with 3 master coaches to guide you

Are you frustrated with: 

💥Feeling overwhelmed with everyday life?

💥Being disappointed in not meeting your money, body, or life goals? 

💥Not knowing what your vision is for your life? 

💥Lack of supportive meaningful relationships?

💥Bad habits running your life and you don't know how to stop them for good?

💥Stuckness...constantly feeling stuck?

In a world where women are expected to "do it all" we take some time to reflect on our gifts and what our heart truly desires...at our core.

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Abundance Queen Life….a new generation of woman. One that is willing to wield her power and integrate worthiness into every fiber of her being.


I didn’t set out to create an Abundance Queen Life journey... one day I became it. I was on a women’s getaway trip to Tulum, Mexico and the term “you are an abundance queen!” kept popping up. Others were noticing...how every moment I made through life was easy and effortless. How I seemed to magically receive everything I wanted and more. 

It was uncomfortable at first, I didn’t want others feeling jealous or envious of what I had somehow learned to become. The reality is, if we all celebrate one another in these moments of becoming...we will all rise. 


Maybe for you it’s living in different countries or being multi-passionate or experimenting with different forms of therapy and personal development...in search of creating...something. A vision undefined, a purpose yet uncovered...you know there is something there within you and if someone could just help pull it out of you….


Creating an Abundance Queen Life means that you want to stop playing small; to follow your dreams and find where your gifts can make the greatest impact for the world around you. 


Maybe you are at odds with your body. Lack of movement, stomach problems, and anxiety run rampant in our world today. Creating an Abundance Queen Life means you are committed to learning how to tune into your body, to listen to her whispers, to compassionately hold your intuition, to know and trust your body’s wisdom on a deeper level. 


You may not know HOW in this moment, but you have decided you want more for your life...you are willing to imagine, create and expand into becoming your heart’s desires. 


Your ticket to the Abundance Queen Life Retreat is here!


AQL is the ultimate 6 night integration experience allowing you time and space to learn new ways of being AND integrate the parts of you that are at odds.
This is where women from all over the world come to reset, in one of the most relaxing places on earth. 
Allow yourself to escape and uncover the desires within you, to redefine how you want to live life by design. 

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  • Private beach resort in  Bali, Indonesia
  • Playshops each day to take you on an inner experience of the desired transformation
  • Meditation and Hypnotherapy experiences built-in
  • Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation practices daily
  • Enjoying movement as a habit: built into daily activities
  • FULL ACCESS to  incredible Master coaches ready and available to schedule 1x1 time with and share their rituals, strategies, and life resources 
  • Relaxation time to play or do nothing, simply BE
  • *Adventure tours mapped out and optional in your free time (*extra fee)

💥Overall Value: $10,500!! 💥


  • Luxurious gifts! 🎁 Leave room in your bag to hold about 7 more lbs of treats ($500 value)
  • Playshop recordings! Not to worry, the informational playshops will be recorded for you to go back to, the experiential exercises will be left for your memory to hold forever 🥰 ($997 value)
  • Access to Abundance Queen Life 💎 Accountability Circle: what happens after an EPIC retreat? Real life settles back in. 4 weeks of support provided after the retreat to foster an environment of connection and accountability with new goals and habits. These will be weekly zoom group check-ins for 60 min once per week. ($3,200 value)

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